Make a Great Impression; Don’t Settle for Good

The way others see you is critical to your personal and professional success. When they have good feelings about you it sets you apart and gives you an advantage.

Don’t be someone you are not, but your behavior, kindness and presence do leave an impression on those around you. Here are several suggestions to consider …

• Live life with integrity
• Put others first, care about them as individuals
• Be interested in their lives; for example, ask about their families or their interests.
• Focus on what they are saying, look them in the eye and listen.
• Say, “thank you’ to customers, co-workers, suppliers and others you encounter … send a card or a thoughtful note, it is more impactful than an email.

Above all, be sincere and add your own personal touches to your actions and it is guarantee that overtime you will develop that special reputation of someone everyone will want to work with and spend time with. Your benefit … a life filled with happiness and joy.

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